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Updated May 1, 2020


The Last Time...
I kept track of new bootleg arrivals on CD/DVD was 10 years ago.
Everything below has arrived and I may still be able to locate it, some titles were lost for various reasons.
If you're interested in any of these, let me know.

Zappa Plays Zappa  "Roundhouse", London 2010, SB from internet bcast, 3CD, A+
Paul McCartney 
10/11/10, "Live In Argentina", bcast, 1DVD, A
Paul McCartney 
Isle of Wight 2010, bcast, 1DVD
David Bowie 
Shepherds Bush Empire 1997, pro w/timecode, 1DVD, A
The Who 
San Diego 1982, the "final tour", proshot, 1DVD
The Beatles 
"Reunion 1995", various clips of surviving Beatles from TV around Anthology release, 1DVD
Adrian Belew 
"Rockpalast" 11/3/08, w/Power Trio, bcast, 1DVD
Iron Maiden 
"Beat Club 1981", German TV bcast, w/Paul DiAnno, 8 songs, 1DVD, B+
"In The Studio" w/Redbeard, 1CD
Duran Duran 
7/2/08, "Smirnoff Experience", w/Mark Ronson, bcast, 1PAL DVD
Jane's Addiction 
6/11/10, Rock In Rio, w/Duff on bass, bcast, 1DVD, A
Depeche Mode 
Speak and Spell tour, Amsterdam 1981, w/Vince Clark, pro, 1DVD, C+
Rage Against The Machine 
SWU Festival, 10/9/10, pro, 1DVD, A
The Kinks 
Electric Ladyland, 5/12/94, SB, 1CD, A
10/15/10, Buenos Aires, Argentina, nice steady HD aud shot w/close ups, screen shots, 2DVD
Robert Plant 
7/12/07, Exit Fest, Serbia, killer proshot, w/New Sensations, 73min, 1DVD
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy
"Electric Proms", 10/29/10, bonus interviews, performances, bcast, 1DVD
Robert Plant 
"By Myself", BBC 2 Documentary, 11/6/10, 60min, 1 PAL DVD
1/18/85 + 1/20/85, Rock In Rio, bcast, one of the last shows with Ricky Wilson, 1DVD
The Police 
"Musikladen", 1/18/79, Bremen, Germany, 2010 rebcast, 33min, 1PAL DVD, A
Sheena Easton 
"A Private Collection", 1985-1991 TV appearances, 1DVD
- Arista Anniversary 3/17/101990, 8min, w/Tony Levin, proshot NTSC DVD
Jon Anderson  BB King's, 2010, NYC, solo acoustic gig, great tripod aud, 1DVD, A+
Blondie  "One Way Or Another", fantastic BBC documentary, 75min, PAL, 1DVD
Dana Fuchs Band 3/28/10, Rockpalast, proshot, 1DVD
Dennis DeYoung  6/16/10, San Diego, CA, 92 min, ex aud shot, 1DVD
Duran Duran  "Off The Record", 11/30/81, 24min, proshot, 1DVD
Eric Clapton - "Rolling Hotel" (Tarantura), 2 cuts, '78 "Backless" tour, rare, intoxicated Clapton, 1DVD
Heart  5/28/82, RockPop In Concert, "Private Audition" tour, pro, 1 PAL DVD
James Brown  Live 60s-80s, rare & unreleased, Hollywood Palace, Future Shock, Northsea Jazz fest, 1DVD
James Brown  ‘Soul Train’ 1973-1974, 2/10/73, pro, 1DVD
James Brown  Paris, France 1966/67, pro, excellent footage, 1DVD
Jimi Hendrix Experience "Baton Rouge", 4/1/67, 8min, Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich, UK, b/w pro, 1DVD
Jimmy Page - "Raving Arizona", 9/17/88, Mesa, Arizona 9-17-1988, 77min, pro, 1DVD
Page & Plant  6/25/95, Glastonbury Festival, Pro shot (Japanese/UK TV), 59min, pro, 1DVD

Madness  "Young Guns Go For It", BBC documentary, 38min, pro, 1DVD
Megadeth  "Rock In Rio", 2010, pro, 1DVD
Metallica  "Rock In Rio", 2010, pro, 1DVD
Phil Collins  "Storytellers", 4/17/97pro, 1DVD
Pink Floyd  MTV European special - The Division Bell Tour 1994, 110mins, 1DVD, A
Prince  6/7/86, Cobo Arena, Detroit, pro, 1DVD
Ray Davies  6/27/10, Glastonbury Festival, w/the Crouch End Festival Chorus, 1DVD
Roger Waters  9/20/10, Chicago, "Wall" tour, excellent HD aud, 2DVD
Rush  8/13/10, Irvine, CA, "Time Machine" tour, excellent aud, 2DVD
Rush  8/14/10, Las Vegas, NV, "Time Machine" tour, excellent aud, 2DVD
Rush  2010, Allentown, PA, "Time Machine" tour, excellent aud, 3DVD
Slash  6/27/10, Glastonbury 2010, 43min, pro, 1 PAL DVD
Sounds Of The Sixties  Volume 1+2, BBC Archives rebcast, pro, 2DVD
Stevie Wonder  11/19/72, Soul! TV show, "Wonderlove" plus Musikladen 7/16/75, pro, 1DVD
Stevie Wonder  6/27/10, Glastonbury Festival, pro, 1DVD
Stone Temple Pilots 3/27/10, Chicago, proshot, 1DVD
Stone Temple Pilots 5/18/10, "Live From New York", proshot, 74min, 1DVD
The Who  "Hot Legs", 12/9/75, Cleveland, OH, pro, 1DVD
Tom Tom Club  7/17/10, Festival internacional de Benicassim, proshot, 1DVD
Yes  6/15/10, Philadelphia, PA, w/Oliver Wakeman and Benoit David, aud, 2DVD

Recent Arrivals
These shows arrived within the past few weeks...

New Year's Eve Party 1968  12/31/68, French TV, The Who, Small Faces, Joe Cocker, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac +, holy grail!, 94min, 1DVD, A
Led Zeppelin  "Rampaging Cajun", 2/28/75, Baton Rouge, LA, rare soundboard, Empress Valley, 3CD, A
Talking Heads "South Bank Show", Documentary, Live + Interviews, 35 mins, 1DVD, A+
B-52's  "Downtown Club", 2/9/78, Atlanta, GA, unbcast b/w proshot, Rockpalast '83, SNL Rehearsals 79+90 , 84 min, 1DVD, A
Bruce Hornsby  "Coyotes", Louisville, KY, 5/14/96, sbd, 2CD, A+
Pink Floyd  "Wish You Were In Moscow 1989", 6/3/08, Moscow, "MLOR" tour, aud/bcast mix, 1DVD, A-
Nine Inch Nails  "Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift", HD pro video, 5.1 sbd audio, band filmed, fan produced, 1DL DVD, A+
Bonnie Raitt  6/24/92,
Ohne Filter TV Show, Baden-Baden, Germany, bcast, 1DVD, A
Allman Brothers w/Eric Clapton  3/20/09, Beacon Theatre, NYC, EC guests on historic 2nd set!, 2DVD, A
The Kinks
  Live Civic Centre, PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, USA, 1979,bcast, 54 mins, 1DVD, A
The Kinks  "Story Of The Kinks", DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE BAND, 1985,UK TV, 52 mins, 1DVD, A
Jackson Browne
Electric Light Orchestra
Oasis  "Electric Proms", 8/26/08, ROUNDHOUSE, CHALK FARM, LONDON. UK., UK.TV. 58 min, 1DVD. A+
John Mellencamp  "Behind The Music", FULL LENGTH UNEDITED VH-1 STATION TAPE, 71 mins., 1DVD, A
The Eagles  Live Seattle, Washington, 1976, TIME CODED/PRO, 102 mins, 1DVD, A
Grateful Dead  "Rockpalast", ESSEN, GERMANY, 3/29/81. w/guest Pete Townshend, 204 mins, 2DVD, A+
Bruce Hornsby & The Range  "Video Music - In Concert", 1988, US TV, 40 mins, 1DVD, A
Cheap Trick  GIG - LIVE STUDIO, SWEDEN, 1990, SWEDISH TV, 31 mins, 1DVD, A
Frank Zappa  2/12/88, PHILADELPHIA - REHEARSAL, pro, 85 mins, 1DVD, A-
Top Of The Pops  12/25/82, COMPLETE SHOW, UK.SAT.TV., 58 mins, 1DVD, A
"Rockpalast" 2/12/77, Essen, Germany, rebcast, wow! best quality show feat. classic lineup,  90min, 1PAL DVD, A+
"Alive In Tokyo", 10/3/82, Japan bcast, "Paradise tour", tweaked video, 5.1 audio, 40min, 1DVD, A-
Page & Plant  9/29/95, Albuquerque, NM, Third Eye 2009 remaster, pro, sbd/aud matrix, 1DVD, A
Page & Plant 
3/01/98, Bucharest, Rumania, '98 Euro tour, bcast, 100min, 1DVD, A
Jimi Hendrix 
1/9/69, Stockholm, Sweden, also "Popside" 67, low gen, pro, 1PAL DVD, A
Jimi Hendrix  2/24/69, Royal Albert Hall, England, rare low gen footage, 5.1 audio, pro, 73min, 1DVD, A
Project Object  1/6/10, Plains, PA, Zappa tribute band w/Ray White + Ike Willis, SBD/AUD matrix, 2CD, A+
Cheap Trick  "The Unreleased Steve Albini Sessions", late 90's re-recording of classic "In Color", 60min, 1CD, A+
Linda Ronstadt  12/1/77, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, lower gen source, 90min, 1DVD, A
ELP  8/23/96, Merriweather Post Pavilion, soundboard, 50min, 1CD, A
Megadeth  "Cryptic Writings Far East Tour 1998", Seoul, Korea, 12/14/98, pro, 69min, 1DVD, A
Rod Stewart 
"BBC In Concert", 12/78, Manchester, UK, "Blondes Have More Fun" tour, bcast, 1DVD, 90mins, A
The Kinks
  11/23/84, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany, bcast, "Word Of Mouth" tour!, 1PAL DVD, A-/B+
ZZ Top  "Rock Pop In Concert", Dortmund, Germany 5/28/82, nice upgrade!, 1DVD, A+

25th Anniversary Rock And Roll HOF Concert
 10/29-30/09, bcast, U2, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen + more, 4hrs, 4DVDs, A+
Queen  12/74/75, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 2009 rebroadcast, killer upgrade!, 1DVD, A+
Them Crooked Vultures 8/29/09, Reading Festival 2009, Caversham, bcast, 40min, 1DVD, A+
Them Crooked Vultures "Rockpalast", 12/8/09, Palladium Köln, Germany, bcast, 90min, 1DL DVD, A+
Aerosmith  "Permanent Vacation", Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, "Pump" tour, proshot, 1/19/90, 1DVD, A-
Eric Clapton  10/27/97, Budokan Theatre, Tokyo, Japan, killer show!, bcast, 1DVD, A
Frank Zappa 
6/11/80, Paris, France, early show, proshot, 140min, 1DVD, B-
The Cars  TV Appearances 1979-87, SNL, Tonight Show, Fridays, MTV Video awards + more, nice comp!, 1DVD, A/B
Billy Idol 
1/91, Rio, Brazil, Rock In Rio 2, bcast, 77min, 1DVD, A
Fiona Apple  11/22/97, Sessions @ West 54th, 28mins, 1DVD, A
Aquarium Rescue Unit
10/2/92 Bottom Line, New York, NY, Japan TV Broadcast, 1DVD, B
Simple Minds and A-HA 6/8/09, bcast, PAL 1DVD, A+
Simple Minds 8/22/09 Buesum, Deutschland, "Live am Strand", bcast, 1DVD
My Morning Jacket  8/25/08, "Austin City Limits", 1DVD, A
No Doubt  5/13/97, "Intimate and Interactive", Much Music bcast, 1DVD, A-
Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains 5/3/03, State Palace Theatre New Orleans, LA, 2CAM, 1DVD, A-
Dave Matthews Band  6/17/92 Floodzone, Richmond, Virgina, Multi-cam w/sbd 1DL DVD, B
Foo Fighters "Storytellers", 2009, South American uncensored bcast, 1DVD, A
Green Day 10/3/09, "MTV World Stage", Munich, Germany, PAL, 42min, 1DVD, A+
Green Day 5/7/09, Berlin, Germany, MTV bcast, 75min, 1DVD, A+
Jay Ferguson  1980, "Don Kirschner's Rock Concert", bcast, 1DVD, A-
R.E.M. 10/10/82, The Pier, Raleigh, North Carolina, 45min, pro, earliest known footage, 1DVD
Robbie Robertson "Tells Stories", MTV Broadcast date: 11-8-87, 35min, 1DVD, A
Robert Cray "Live On The Tube", 1986/1987, 1DVD
Robert Palmer "Addicted to LIVE!!!", 1986 late night TV performances, Letterman, Carson, 1DVD
Santana  8/17/86, Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA, reunion show w/Schon, 2DVD
Metallica Reading Festival 2008, incomplete bcast, 40min, 1DVD, A+
Massive Attack  Glastonbury 2008, bcast, 1DVD, A+


Need To Be Categorized
shows that need to be added to the main list...

Spinal Tap  Glastonbury 2009, pro, 1DVD, A+
Tom Jones  Glastonbury 2009, pro, 1DVD, A+
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Glastonbury 2009, pro, 1DVD, A+
Black Eyed Peas  Glastonbury 2009, pro, 1DVD, A+ (3 songs)
Black Eyed Peas  Rock Am Ring 2004, proshot, 1DVD, A
Steve Howe  "Live MHz", Falls Church, VA 11/13/02, proshot, 27mins, nice upgrade, 1DVD, A+
The Police 
Oakland, CA 9/10/83, rare proshot w/timecode from Synchronicity tour, 95min, 1DVD, B+, A, Sample, Art
  Rock am Ring - 2009-06-05 - DVD
Heaven & Hell  Museumsplatz, Bonn (Germany) - June 16, 2009, pro, PAL DVD
Peter Gabriel  A Conspiracy Of Hope Tour: Meadowlands 86 TV Broadcast NTSC DVD
Bee Gees
Frank Zappa 
"Barcelona 88". 5/17/88. Rebroadcast from SPANISH TV, 132min, fantastic upgrade!  A+
Kid Creole & The Coconuts
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 
"IN CONCERT" UK JUNE 1989. RTE IRISH TV. 25-8-90, "RIDING HIGH', UK 18-11-92, 50 mins, A-
Public Image Limted 
'ANARCY MOVIE' - LIVE TOKYO, JAPAN. 12-1-85. JAP TV. 78 mins EX.
The Police
The Tubes
Steve Winwood
The Tube
- "Best of The Tube" UK TV show. 5DVDs of classic live performances from the 80's! A
Duran Duran - "Songbook", 2DVD BBC interview + 2009 performances, great stuff! A+
Michael Jackson  6/6/97, Munich, Germany, "HIStory tour", July 2009 rebroadcast, 120mins, 1DVD, A+
Michael Jackson  11/29/87, Brisbane, AUS, "Bad" tour (first solo tour), first half of show, proshot, 1DVD, A
Michael Jackson  1996-11-09 - Ericsson Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand - PRO, DVD
Michael Jackson  "Hee Hee Hits", 2CD compilation of remixes, demos and album versions. Fantastic collection! A+
Michael Jackson  Bad World Tour, 9/26/87, Yokohama, Japan, no lip sync, first solo tour, w/Sheryl Crow, DVD, A
Michael Jackson/The Jacksons  9/7/01 & 9/10/01, "30th Anniversary Celebration" w/guests, bcast, PAL DVD-R
Michael Jackson/The Jacksons  Victory Tour 1984, bcast, DVD
The Jacksons  Episode #6 of the short lived 76-77 TV show, 1/26/77, w/Carroll O'Connor, 1DVD, 25min, B
Jackson 5 
"GOING BACK TO INDIANA", TV SPECIAL, 5/29/71. live and skits, w/commercials!, B, 60 mins.
Jackson 5
Blue Oyster Cult  10/9/81,  Hollywood Sportatorium, "Revolution By Night" tour, FL, proshot, 1DVD, 77min, B+
Green Day  2009 BBC, DVD, A+
Linda Ronstadt
 1976, Old Grey Whistle Test, DVD, B+
Depeche Mode  British TV appearances, mostly 80's. C+ to B-
Elvis Presley  1977 CBS Special, never officially released, last concert footage of Elvis 2 months prior to his death, A-
"Lou Grant" 1979 episode, "Gambling" with original commercials, B+
Steve Martin  2DVDs of rare TV specials featuring Steve Martin, B+
"When Time Ran Out” dvd paul newman 1980
MTV ‘83  2 hrs w original commercials
Friday Night Videos  10/14/83, with original commercials, DVD, A
"American Bandstand"  January 1, 1983, A
WKRP  Complete series, Seasons 1-4, with original music!, DVDs, A
Daft Punk 
"Alive 2007", multi-aud cam w/board audio, killer killer killer!, 1DVD, A+
Hard Rock Calling Festival  2008 HDbcast w/The Police, John Mayer, Robert Randolph, Eric Clapton + more, 1DVD, A+
Robert Plant & Allison Krauss  6/10/08, MSG, NYC, 2cam aud, NYC Bitch Committee release, fantastic!, 1DVD, A/A-
Joan Armatrading
  Rockpalast 1979, Germany, bcast, rare, 1DVD, A
Joan Armatrading  "Track Record", long out of print video collection, 1DVD, A
George Michael  "Rock In Rio", Brazil, 1991, bcast, 1DVD, A
The Human League  Viva Jam 1995, bcast, 1DVD, A
The Human League  Live in Santiago 2004, bcast, 1DVD, A
Duffy  Glastonbury, 6/29/08, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Genesis  Cleveland OH, 4/15/76, FM rebroadcast from 1998, Bill Bruford on drums, best avail. version, 2CD, A
Genesis  "The Lamb Lies Down On Bern", 3/29/75, last tour w/Peter Gabriel, rare 8mm footage w/aud sound, 28mins, 1DVD, B
Genesis  "Dallas '77", Dallas, TX, soundboard, "Wind & Wuthering" tour - last w/Hackett, rare show, 2CD, A
Genesis  "Unreleased Lamb Demos", hours of "Lamb" demos from 1975, rare, soundboard, 5CD, B+
Genesis  "Master Of Marquee", 2CD, phenomenal audience recording on 3 Sides Live tour, A+
Genesis  6/10/76, London, nice soundboard, GASP14 version, 2CD, A
Genesis  "All The Help I Can Get", 10/2/82, soundboard, rehearsal w/Gabriel, 2CD, A, Artwork front, insert, tray
Genesis  "BBC Master DAT", 3/2/72 + 9/25/72, Paris Theatre and BBC Studios, pre-FM, superb, 1CD, A+, Front, Back, CD
The Outfield  Iowa 2003, soundboard, 1CD, A+
Missing Persons  7/3/08, Hollywood Park, CA, 1cam proshot, 1DVD, A
R.E.M.  2/10/85, Rockpalast, Germany, 2008 rebroadcast, 1DVD, A+
R.E.M. 3/18/08, Milan, Italy, bcast, 1DVD, A+
R.E.M. "Austin City Limits", 5/24/08, Austin, TX, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes  2/25/85, Rockpalast, Germany, 2008 rebroadcast, 1DVD, A+/A
Lenny Kravitz 
"Rock In Rio", 5/6/08, Madrid, bcast, 90min, 1DVD, A+
Lenny Kravitz  "Unplugged", 2008, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Amy Winehouse  "Glastonbury Festival", 6/28/08, bonus 6/27/08 Nelson Mandela Birthday, 1DVD, A+
"Rock In Rio", 5/6/08, Portugal, bcast, DVD5 version, 1DVD, A+
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Lay Down Thy Raincoat and Groove", 7/18/83, Royal Albert Hall, bcast, killer show!, 1DVD, A-/A
Echo & The Bunnymen  3/5/83, "Rockpalast", Germany, 2007 re-broadcast, nice!, 92min, 2DVD, A
Joan Armatrading 
6/28/08, Glastonbury Festival, Jazzworld Stage, bcast, great show, 1DVD, A+
The Police  "Rock In Rio", 7/5/08, bcast, 1DVD, A+
The Police
  2/13/08, Tokyo, Japan, bcast, 1DVD, A+
The Police  "Don Kirshner's Rock Hour", 2/6/80, pre-broadcast source, 34min, 1DVD, A+
The Police  "Isle Of Wight", 6/15/08, Sting interview plus 2 songs, bcast, great performance!, 1DVD, A+
Pete Townshend  "The Tube", 10/11/85, bcast, short show - 3 songs from White City, 1DVD, A
The Cure  MTV Unplugged, 1/24/91, bcast, 1DVD, A
Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals  2007, Seattle, Paramount Theatre, bcast, 1DVD, A+
John Mayer Trio  11/23/05, Bowery Ballroom, NYC, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Journey  "Soundstage", 7/9/78, bcast, 1DVD, A
King Crimson  "Essential Video Collection", 1973-1995, 1DVD, A
Yes  8/8/98, West Palm Beach, FL, "Ladder" tour, proshot, 2DVD, A
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  "US Festival", 1982, bcast, 1DVD, A-
The Grateful Dead  6/26/94, Las Vegas, NV, proshot, 1DVD, A
"Live At Hollywood Park", 6/29/07, 1 Pro Camera w/zooms and pans, good setlist w/covers, 58min, 1DVD, A+
Fiction Plane 
"Pinkpop 2008", 6/1/08,
Landgraaf, Netherlands, bcast, band featuring Sting's son Joe Sumner, 1DVD, A+
The Cure  6/20/08, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, Bcast, 1DVD, A+
Lynyrd Skynyrd
  "Kentucky State Fair", Louisville, KY, 6/15/07, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Lynyrd Skynyrd  4/27/75, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, proshot from Bill Graham archives, black/white, 1DVD, A
Later...With Jools Holland  5/6/08, feat. Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, The Fratellis, Emmylou Harris, Chris Difford, 1DVD, A
Men At Work  "Rockpalast", 12/2/82, Hamburg, 2008 rebroadcast, approx 54min, 1DVD, A
Stevie Wonder  "Birthday Celebration", 5/13/89, Wembley Stadium, London, bcast, approx 2hrs, 1DVD, A
Vince Gill  "Austin City Limits", 5/27/03, bcast, 1DVD, B+/A
The Fratellis  "Rock AM Ring", 6/2/07, Germany, bcast, 1DVD, A+
The Cult  "Live At The Ritz", 12/6/85, MTV bcast, "Love" tour, 1DVD, A
The Cult  "Live at the Provinssirock Festival", 1986, includes early "Electric" material, bcast, 1DVD, A
Living Colour 
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, 7/20/01, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Living Colour  "Hollywood Rock Festival", 1992, Hollywood, CA, proshot, A
Living Colour  LIVE, VIDEOS & INTERVIEWS 1988 - '90, includes "Time Tunnel" and more, 1DVD, A/A-

Paul McCartney  "Liverpool Sound", 6/1/08, Anfield Stadium, UK, BBC bcast, Dave Grohl guests, approx 80min, 1DVD, A+
Eric Clapton  "In The Spotlight - Nothing But The Blues", 11/8-9/94, Fillmore, San Fran, CA, PBS Station Master Copy, 1DVD, A

Iron Maiden  3/5/08, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 12 cam in house feed pro shot with board audio, amazing!, 1DVD, A+
Iron Maiden  3/9/08, Santiago, Chile, aud shot with FM audio, 110min, 1 DL DVD, A
Steve Winwood w/Eric Clapton  2/26/08, MSG, NYC, 2cam aud, very nice, 2DVD, A-
Madonna  "Hard Candy Promo Tour", 2008, BBC3 bcast, 1DVD, A+
Living Colour
  7/13/07, "Montreux Jazz Festival", Switzerland, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Living Colour  1/2/92, "Hollywood Rock", Rio, Brazil, bcast, "Time's Up" tour w/Wimbish on bass, 1DVD, A+
Billy Idol  6/5/05, Rock Am Ring, Germany, bcast, w/Steve Stevens, 1DVD, A
AC/DC  12/21/81, Landover, MD, Capitol Centre, in house proshot, 77mins, 1DVD, B-
Billy Squire  TBA
Gary Numan  2004 TBA
Filter 2000 TBA
Beastie Boys  Live Earth performance
Amy Winehouse  Belfort, France
Sting  Newcastle January 1986
Devo  78/79 TV appearances, early rare stuff!, 1DVD, B-
Night Flight  1981 episode, 4hours w/orig commercials, feat. Devo, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, more, 1DVD, B
Andy Kauffman  Friday's TV show, his real bizarre appearances from 1981!, DVD, B
MTV  Video Music Awards, 1st ever show w/Madonna breakout performance, 1DVD, A
The Mars Volta
  7/9/03, Electric Ballroom, London, full show, proshot, 90mins +, 1DVD, A
Led Zeppelin 
"Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music", 5/2575, Empress Valley, hot proshot, 1 DL DVD, A+
Robert Plant  "Thank You Brazil", 1/12/94, Hollywood Rock Fest Rio, bcast, nice upgrade, "Fate Of Nations" tour, 1DVD, A-
Rush  "A Universe Divided", 5/28/79, Germany, "Hemispheres" tour, soundboard, nice, 2CD, A
Duran Duran  "The Best of 80's BBC", early tv performances, 1 PAL DVD, B+/A-
The B52's  "Montreux Jazz Festival", 7/19/07, proshot, 1DVD, A+
The B52's  "'82 Us Festival", 1982, Devore, CA, proshot, rare, 1DVD, C+
The B52's  7/01/07, "
Festival Internacinal Benicassim", feat. songs from new album "Funplex", bcast, 1DVD, A
The Beat Club  70's comp., Kinks, MC5, Steve Miller, War, Stones, rare Doors w/o Morrison, more, nice quality, 1DVD, A+
Rod Stewart  9/30/88, "Out Of Order" tour, proshot, 1DVD, B+
Journey  2/21/08, Chile, Brazil, first show with new singer Arnel Pineda, hot performance, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Journey  "Raised On Radio Documentary", bcast, 1DVD, A
Foo Fighters  2/19/08, Fuse TV bcast, Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1DVD, A+
Simple Minds  "Rockpalast", 6/7/82, bcast, 1DVD, A
  "Rocks The Rockies", 2/4/97, Aspen, CO, bcast, among Michael Hutchence's last performances, 1DVD, A
Robert Plant & Allison Krauss  "Crossroads", 10/18/07, Lebanon, TN, bcast, 1DVD, A+
Men At Work  5/14/83, Dortmund, Germany, bcast, very nice quality and performance, 1DVD, A
Daft Punk
  "The Daft Side Of The Coachella", 4/29/06, multi-fan cam w/in-house audio mix, killer stuff!, 1DVD, A, Artwork
"Live In Argentina", 3/1/81, bcast, 1DVD, B+
King's X  "Rockpalast", 4/4/99, Dusseldorf, Germany, bcast, 1 PAL DVD, A
Elvis Costello & The Attractions 
"Rockpalast", 10/15/83, Germany, mid-90s rebroadcast, 99mins, 1 PAL DVD, A
The Clash
 2/27/80, Theatre Le Palace, Paris, France, 2006 rebroadcast, 1 PAL DVD, A+
Lenny Kravitz
  3/21/05, Copacapana Beach, Rio, bcast, nice setlist, 1DVD, A
Lenny Kravitz 
"Circus In Cologne", 10/7/95, Live At E-Werk , Germany, bcast, 1 PAL DVD, A
Baby Animals 
"Rocklife", 3/25/92, Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany , bcast, 1 PAL DVD, A
Midnight Oil  3/7/87, Storey Hall, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, w/pre-release "Diesel & Dust" tunes, bcast, 1DVD, A/A+
The Cult  "Behind The Music", 1/20/02, rarely aired documentary, 1DVD, A
GTR  "
Live Aus Munich", 9/22/86, rebroadcast, upgrade w/better audio/video, catalog EFDVDSH05, 1DVD, A
Cutting Crew  Town & Country Club 1989, London, bcast, bonus videos & documentary, 52min, 1DVD, A
Cutting Crew  "Rockpalast", 11/11/06, bcast, full show, 67min, 1DVD, A+

Led Zeppelin 
"The KatzEye", 12/10/07, 02 Arena, London, corrected sync issues, 2DVD, A
Led Zeppelin  "02 Arena, London, UK", 12/10/07, aud cam/audio, reunion show, Third Eye, 1DL DVD, A, Art
Chicago Transit Authority 7/21/70, Tanglewood, Lenox, MA, Bill Graham archives, pro w/timecode, 1DVD, B+, Art, Screen
Joan Armatrading  "Into The Blues - Live", Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany, 10/25/07, bcast, 1DVD, A+, Art
The Eagles  "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert", 1974 pre-broadcast, w/Ronstadt, Browne, 68min, 1DVD, A, Screen
The Rolling Stones  Video Collection, w/solo videos, many rare videos, alternate versions, 2DVD, A/B
Mad Magazine TV Special  1972, unaired pilot due to crude humor, 1DVD, B+
The Gong Show Movie
  1980, never released on VHS or DVD, a week in the life of host Chuck Barris, 1DVD, B-
TV FUNHOUSE  Complete series of a show that ended too early, w/Black Sabbath cartoon!, 2DVD, A
MTV's "Pretty In Pink" Premiere Party  1986, w/commercials, perform by Psychedelic Furs + more, 1DVD, B
Nine Inch Nails 
6/26/90, Video Bar, Dallas, TX, w/Robert Patrick, "Pretty Hate" tour, proshot, 1DVD, B-/A-
Phish  Woodbury, CT, 4/29,90, Woodbury Racquetball & Ski Club, proshot outdoor show, early in their career, 1DVD, A-
Phish  8/29/92, Shoreline Amphitheatre,  Mountain View, CA, proshot, opener set for Santana, 1DVD, A-
The Who  Giant's Stadium, 7/2/89, NJ, proshot, "Tommy Tour", 2DVD, A-
The Outfield  "Live in Los Angeles & Mexico" 1986, bcasts, lip sync, 1DVD, B+
Mr. Mister  "Live at the Ritz" 1985 + Daytona '86, proshot, 1DVD, A-
George Harrison  "Live in Yokohama" 1991, w/Eric Clapton, aud, 2DVD, A
Foreigner  "Rock A.M. Ring: Germany" 1985, "Agent" tour, bcast, 1DVD, A
Rock In Rio '91  Information Society, George Michael, INXS, Faith No More, Dee-Lite, much more, bcast, 1DVD, A
Eddie Money "Live at the Kabuki" 1982, MTV Concert, classic show!, 1DVD, A
Smithereens  "Live at the Ritz" 1986, proshot, 1DVD, A
John Mellencamp  "Live in New Orleans" 1997, vh1 New Year's Eve broadcast, 1DVD, A
Jefferson Starship  "Live in Daytona Beach" 1986, MTV Spring Break bcast, 1DVD, A
DON KIRSHNER'S ROCK CONCERT (FULL SETS) VOL 5 (Eagles, Foghat, Mountain, Rush), 1DVD, A
The Who  Tacoma, Washington, 8/16/89, proshot, 2DVD, A
The Police
  12/8/07, "140,000 Hands", Rio TV bcast, full show, best of tour!, 2DVD, A+, Art
Yes  6/24/84, Dortmund, Germany, 90125 tour, new low gen source, 1 PAL, DVD, A, Art
Steely Dan  TV Compilation, Midnight Special, Rock & Soul Revue, Hall of Fame + more, 1DVD, A/B-
Chicago  TV Compilation, "In The Rockies" '73 TV, 1975 Rockin' Eve, Behind The Music + more, 1DVD, B
KISS  "Beyond The Makeup", "Ultimate Albums: Alive!", "When KISS Ruled The World", 2DVD, A
The Cars 
"Rock Goes To College", 1/79, 2007 Re-broadcast, first UK tour, nice upgrade!, 1 PAL DVD, A+
6/24/07, MOSCOW, RUSSIA, Aud cam + bcast, 1DVD, A/A-
Van Halen
  11/6/07, Worchster, MA, audience shot, 1DVD, A
Van Halen  "CharloTTomic Punks", 9/27/07, Charlotte, NC, first show w/Roth in 22 years!, AUD, 2CD, A
Baby Animals  "
MTV Basement Tapes Summer Special", rare bcast, band featuring Nuno's wife, 1DVD, A
Baby Animals  4/6/92, Copenhagen, Pumpehuset, Denmark, very nice 1 cam aud shot, 1 PAL DVD, A

The Kinks
  "Soap Operas, Art Lovers & Other Stories", 1974-1996 TV performances + more, 1DVD, A/B, Art
The Cure  Japan 1984, bcast, 1DVD, B
Dead or Alive  Japan 1987, bcast, 1DVD, B
Depeche Mode  Hamburg, Germany 1985, bcast, 60min, 1DVD, A
Eurythmics  Sydney 1987, oop live, upgrade, 1DVD, A
Split Enz  Auckland, Australia, reunion show, bcast, 1DVD, A
King Crimson  Munich, Germany, 1982, bcast, 1DVD, A-
  "Asia In Asia", 1983 Tokyo show w/Greg Lake,  rare laserdisc source, 1DVD, A+
Billy Idol  “Live at Wembley" 12/22/90, London, England, proshot, 1DVD, A
Billy Idol  ROCK IN RIO '91, bcast, 1DVD, A-
Billy Idol  VITAL IDOL, oop video collection, 1DVD, A-
Phil Collins  THE SINGLES COLLECTION, music videos, 1DVD, A
Supertramp  BBC SIGHT & SOUND LIVE, 1977 show, bcast, 1DVD, A+
38 Special  WILD EYED LIVE '84, oop video, 1DVD, AVan Halen  10/3/07, Philadelphia, PA, 2cam mix, NYC Bitch version, 1DVD, A
The Smiths  05/04/84, Rockpalast, 2007 rebcast, complete show w/encores, best version, 1DVD, A+
Ray Davies  10/28/07, "Electric Proms", BBCi and BBC2 broadcasts, 45min, 1DVD, A+
The Cure
  1983-1987 TV Performances, rare, 120min, 1DVD, B
The Cure  "The Story Of", 2004 Robert Smith interview w/clips, bcast, 48min, 1DVD, A
David Bowie  06/27/00 BBC Theatre, London, 60MIN, 1DVD, A+
David Bowie  01/09/97, Madison Square Garden, New York, bday show w/guests, 130MIN, 2DVD, A
David Gahan  06/06/03, ROCK-AM-RING, Germany, solo tour, bcast, 88min, 1DVD, A
REM 09/06/84, Passaic, NJ, proshot, 65MIN, 1DVD, A
Rush  MSG, NY 2007, 3cam video, 2DVD, A/B
7/23/07, Hollywood Bowl, CA, filmed w/Sony HiDef aud cam w/AUD audio, 3DVD, A+/A
Rush  7/9/07, Mohegan Sun, CT, S&A Tour, upper level shot, very nice close-ups!, 2DVD, A
Rush  "Tastes Like Chicken (The DVD)", 6/13/07, Atlanta, GA, aud video, 3DVD, A-, Art, Screen 1, 2, 3, 4
Rush  6/16/07, Tampa, FL, 3rd show on the Snakes & Arrows Tour, audience sourced, 3CD, A
"Tastes Like Chicken", 6/13/07, Atlanta, GA, audience sourced, 3CD, B+, Sound Sample 1, 2
"Overnight Delivery", 6/13/07, Atlanta, GA, audience sourced, 3CD, A-, Art 1, 2, Sound Sample 1, 2
Rush  "Hurricane Breezes", Jones Beach, NY, 8/11/04, , aud cam w/DAT aud, 2DVD, A-
The Police  "
Live At Commonwealth Stadium 2007", 6/2/07, Edmonton, Canada, 2CD, audience, A-
Tina Turner
  2/17/84, Den Bosch, Netherlands, early comeback show, pre-Private Dancer, bcast, 1DVD, A
Oingo Boingo
US Festival, Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA, 5/28/83, bcast, 58min, 1DVD, A
Steve Hackett  Montreaux Jazz Festival, 6/13/80, Switzerland, bcast, 1DVD, A
Rock Pop TV Collection
  Germany TV w/Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Tull, Kiss, Styx, Benatar, more, 120min, 1DVD, A
California Jam 2
  1978, Upgrade, Nugent, Aerosmith, Santana, Foreigner, more, 100min, 1DVD, A
Collective Soul  "Woodstock 99 Complete", 7/25/99, New York, rare full set, 30min, 1DVD, A
Joe Walsh  1983 US Festival complete set, Midnight Special '73, In Concert '72, Don Kirshner '75, 1DVD, A
Stray Cats
  "Loreley 1983", 8/20/83, Germany, Open Air Festival, bcast, 1PAL DVD, A-, Screen 1, 2
Chicago  1984, Tokyo, Japan, proshot, A-
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Live @ Loreley Festival", 8/25/84, Germany, bcast w/2 audio tracks, PAL DVD, A+, Art, Video
The Tubes
Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco, California, MTV bcast, 59min, 1DVD, B+
Amy Winehouse
  3/08/07, London, England, BBC Sessions, broadcast, she's wasted!, 1DVD, A+, Video
Yes  "En Argentina", 2/01/85, Buenos Aires, Argentina, proshot, 90125 Tour, B+, 1DVD, Art 1, Art 2
Jackson Browne  1978, BBC London, pre-broadcast VHS, rare, 1DVD, A-, Screen

Velvet Revolver 
6/3/07, Rock AM Ring, Rockpalast, Germany, broadcast, full show, PAL DVD, A+, Video
Bruce Springsteen
8/15/78, Landover, MD, proshot, HOJO version, 3DVD, A-, Art, Video, Video 2
Page/Plant  "Rock In Rio '96", Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1/27/96, mtv bcast, "No Quarter" tour, DVD, A, Video
Page/Plant  "Live In Buenos Aires '96 - Deluxe Edition", 1/25/96, proshot, DTS and 5.1 audio, "No Quarter" tour, DVD, A
Stray Cats  "Montreux Jazz Festival", 1981, tv bcast, DVD, B+
A-ha  "Live from South Africa", 3/1/94, Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg, tv bcast, PAL DVD, B-, Video
  "Rock/Pop In Concert", 12/19/82, Dortmund, Germany, great bcast, 33min, DVD, A+, Art, Art 2
Aerosmith with Jimmy Page  "The Marquee Rehearsals", 8/15/90, The Marquee Club, London, proshot, 55min, A/B, Video
Rage Against The Machine  2/4/00, Dusseldorf, Germany, digital bcast, 1DVD, 63 min, A, Video
Audioslave  7/27/03, E-Centre Philadelphia, PA, Lollapalooza, proshot - never aired, DVD, 58min, A+, Video
Pink Floyd  "Would You Buy A Ticket To This Show?", The Omni, Atlanta, 11/3-5/87, proshot, 2DVD, A+, Art, Video 1, 2
Frank Zappa  "Chorus", 6/11/80, Paris, France, 2007 Euro rebroadcast, PAL DVD, approx 41mins, A, Screen 1, 2
Frank Zappa "A Pioneer of the Future of Music", 2007 Dutch broadcast, documentary, PAL DVD, approx 2hrs, A
Pet Shop Boys  "Live In Cologne", 2/16/02, proshot, webcast?, DVD, A
Rolling Stones  Saitama Super Arena, Japan, 4/2/06, HD bcast, 120min, DVD, A+, Video
Little River Band  9/4/91, from "Ohne Filter" German TV show, 60min, Art, DVD, A+
Blue Oyster Cult  "Godzilla Comes Out In Mountainside", 6/28/98, Mountainside, NJ, 2 aud cam tripod, DVD, Art 1,2,3, A/A-
Yes  "Sounding Out", 2007 rebroadcast of 1971 BBC documentary, approx 20 mins, DVD, A+, Video, Video 2
INXS  Amsterdam, The Netherlands ,3/30/84, 2007 rebroadcast, 1CD, A+
Dennis DeYoung  Gatineau, Quebec, 3/22/07, AUD, new song debut, 2CD, A
Big Audio Dynamite I & II  "On Video", out of print video collection, 1DVD, A-, Video
Big Audio Dynamite II  "Live at the Hard Rock Hotel", Las Vegas, NV, 10/27/95, Art 1,2, SB, CD, A
Big Audio Dynamite  Sound Factory, NY, 10/27/91, SB, Art 1,2, 2CD, A
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes  Jones Beach 7/10/2000, Wantagh, NY, proshot, DVD, A+, Video
ELP  "Live In Japan" 1972 rare Tarkus Tour. Also includes California Jam 74, DVD, B/A
ELP  "Live At The Lyceum Theatre", 12/9/70, 90 min, DVD, A+
Steve Miller Band  Pine Knob, MI, 1982, laserdisc upgrade, A+
Tears For Fears  "Going To California", 1990, laserdisc upgrade, A+




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