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Moving Pictures Tour

Title: Exit...Stage Left (VCD)
Date: 3/27/81
Source: Official Out-Of-Print Laserdisc
Quality Rating: A+

Description: This is a tranfser from the laserdisc to VCD (Video CD) format. The quality here is superb for a VCD. Of course, you can tell it lacks a bit of sharpness and detail, but overall the picture is quite clear and I didn't notice any pixellation, even when the screen goes black. The sound is very nice as well. I should also note the official version is long out of print, which is why I'm trading this version. If you like this show and don't own a copy, this is a great one to own until it's re-released. VCDs are playable on all CD-ROMs and most newer DVD players.


Tom Sawyer
The Trees
Red Barchetta
Closer To The Heart
By-Tor And The Snow Dog
In The End
In The Mood
The Grande Finale



Title: Canada '81 - 20th Anniversary Ed.
Date: 3/81
GKP 2001-1 (Big Sausage)
Source: Various Official
Quality Rating: A+

Description: An interesting concept...combine all the best known sources to recreate the classic "Moving Pictures" tour setlist. The sources for this disc (all official, by the way) range from the "Exit...Stage Left Video" laserdisc soundtrack, to the official live album as well as my favorite one -  the long lost vinyl copy of "Vital Signs" live. You may recall this was the B-side to "New World Man". Am I dreaming or does this vinyl track sound awesome? A "show of hands" to the Big Sausage for coming through with this one! I should also mention the transitions between tracks is beautifully done as is the overall volume level. Highly recommended for fans of this era.


FREEWILL 5:39 2. LIMELIGHT 4:22 3. YYZ 2:21 4. DRUM SOLO 3:21 5. YYZ - REPRISE 2:05 6. BROON'S BANE 1:37 7. THE TREES 4:34 8. XANADU 12:15 9. THE SPIRIT OF RADIO 5:04 10. RED BARCHETTA 6:37 11. CLOSER TO THE HEART 3:29 12. TOM SAWYER 4:44 13. VITAL SIGNS 5:00 14. BY-TOR AND THE SNOW DOG 4:05 15. IN THE END 1:42 16. IN THE MOOD 1:34 17. 2112: GRAND FINALE 2:09 18. LA VILLA STRANGIATO 9:17



Title: Anaheim '81 - Definitive Edition
Date: 6/16/81, Anaheim, CA
JKR Productions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: A-

Description: Here is an excellent audience boot taken from 1st generation metal tapes of the original reel to reel masters. This show is as good if not better than most boots from this tour.


2112:Overture 4:21 2112: Temples of Syrinx 2:14 Freewill 6:07 Limelight 5:01 Hemispheres: Prelude 4:20 Beneath, Between, Behind 2:57 The Camera Eye 11:42 YYZ 2:50 Drum Solo 5:49 Broon's Bane 1:42 The Trees 4:27 Xanadu 12:38 Disc The Spirit of Radio 5:50 Red Barchetta 6:50 Closer to the Heart 3:55 Tom Sawyer 4:57 Vital Signs 5:17 Natural Science 8:16 Working Man 1:16 Hemispheres: Armageddon :52 By-Tor and the Snow Dog 4:01 In the End 1:41 In the Mood 1:32 2112: Grand Finale 2:17 La Villa Strangiato 9:34



Title: Exit...Stage Right
Date: 3/01/81, Chicago IL
Moose Records
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: A-

Description: This really is an excellent audience recording for it's time. They do a cool version of "Working Man" which has a reggae feel to it. Plus, it's a great performance from a great period in the band's history. 


Hemispheres: Prelude
Beneath, Between, Behind
The Camera Eye
YYZ / Drum Solo
The Trees

The Spirit of Radio
Red Barchetta
Closer to the Heart
Tom Sawyer
Vital Signs
Natural Science
Working Man
Hemispheres: Armageddon
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
In the End
In the Mood
2112: Finale
La Villa Strangiato



Title: Short Takes
Date: 5/24/81, RI; 9/30/77, CA
Digital Reproductions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: B-/C+

Description: For an audience recording from 1981 it's not that bad. You can hear the guitar and drums pretty well...sometimes Geddy's singing is a bit muffled, but you do almost get a feel for what it was like to be there as it has some nice range, although not the same as "Exit...Stage Right". The quality if the 1977 material isn't that great...you can hear everyone, but it's distant and doesn't have much dynamic range at all. 


The Camera Eye (mp3 sample, 512k)
YYZ / Drum Solo  8:53
Broons Bane  1:43
Trees  4:43
Xanadu  13:14
Spirit of Radio  5:42
Bastille Day 5:38
Lakeside Park  4:59
By-tor and the Snow Dog  4:48
Xanadu  7:57

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