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Snakes & Arrows Tour
updated 12/17/07


DVD Shows
The top shows, ranked best to rest

  1. Union of the Snake - The DVD (3 PAL DVD), Glasgow SECC, Scotland, 10/3/07: So far, the best of the 2007 tour. Nice camera work and very good audio.

  2. Mohegan Sun (2DVD): nice camera work, a tad out of focus, good audio, my vote for second best.

  3. Madison Square Garden (2DVD): 3cam audie, superb camera work but suffers from below average audio. Sync this with great audio and you'll have the show to beat.

  4. "Tastes Like Chicken", Atlanta, GA (2DVD) lawn cam with nice full angle view, great audio. Since it's opening night, the band are not yet at their best.

  5. Hollywood Bowl (3DVD) HD camcorder, great video clarity but suffers from one boring, tripod steady, wide angle view. good audio.


CD Shows
recordings are in from the following 2007 shows...

Atlanta, GA (opening night)
Tampa, FL
Auburn Hills
Bristow, VA
Pittsburgh, PA
Jones Beach, NY
Darien Lake, NY
Dallas, TX
Clark County
Phoenix, AZ
White River
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Hollywood Bowl, CA (bobS)
Red Rocks, CO
Noblesville, IN
Toronto, Canada



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