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Rush/Fly By Night Tours Permanent Waves Tour   Hold Your Fire Tour
Caress Of Steel Tour Moving Pictures Tour Presto Tour  
2112 Tour Exit Stage Left Tour Roll The Bones Tour
All The World's A Stage Tour   First Tour Of The Nadars Counterparts Tour
A Farewell To Kings Tour Signals Tour  Test For Echo Tour  
Archives Tour Pre-Grace Under Pressure Tour Vapor Trails Tour
Hemispheres Tour   Grace Under Pressure Tour  30th Anniversary Tour
Semi-spheres Tour Power Windows Tour Snakes & Arrows Tour


Most Wanted

If you have any of the shows on this list, chances are excellent we can trade.
 Even if you have nothing listed below, my taste in music is all over the place so send me your lists!

DVD Shows always looking for any high quality shows of interest (sb cds, proshot dvd)
Upgrades  If you have a better quality version of a show on my list, let me know!
Rush - any boards I don't have or high quality DVD shows
Vintage TV - 1970-1985 any shows w/commercials
Zappa Plays Zappa - proshot DVDs
1982 US Festival - good quality, either full sets or highlights
The Human League - 80's/90's/00's era or "Secrets" tour DVD
Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 - Triumph Tour (1981), boards or proshot
Steve Winwood - 2009 tour proshot DVD
Santana - Early 70's DVDs proshots
Chicago - late 70's early 80's DVD shows
The New Cars - boards or proshot DVDs
Big Audio Dynamite (B.A.D.) - Any great proshot DVDs
Eddie Money - HDnet broadcast
Michael McDonald/Steely Dan - any proshots from their 2006 summer tour
Steely Dan - any proshot DVDs or soundboard CDs not in my list
Billy Joel - any proshots or boards from the 2006 tour
Cake - Any high quality shows on CD or DVD
Yes - any quality DVD proshots I don't have and low low gen Philly '87 DVD
Little River Band - Backstage Pass (DVD)
Tears For Fears - proshots DVDs from "Elemental" or "Raoul" eras
Ben Folds Five - any hq proshot shows on DVD
Robert Plant - proshot DVD from early solo tours through "Nirvana".
The Kinks - State of Confusion or Word Of Mouth tour proshots DVD
Heart - proshot DVD shows from 70s/80s
Collective Soul - proshot dvd shows
The Outfield - any quality proshot DVDs
Styx - 70's early 80's proshot DVDs
Van Halen - David Lee Roth era sb shows or proshot DVDs
ZZ Top - proshot DVDs from the Eliminator or Afterburner tours
Hall And Oates - The Palladium, 11/21/81, proshot, DVD
King Crimson - high quality cd or dvd shows
Genesis - any board shows or DVDs I don't have

I also have boots by Yes, Genesis, The Cars, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, Duran Duran, Prince, Sting, Talking Heads and tons more which may interest you. For more on those, please click

Contact: ant@rushtrader.com




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