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Semispheres Tour

Title: Tour Of The Semispheres, PE
Date: 9/12/79, Allentown, PA
Digital Reproductions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: A-
Description: There are only literally a handful of known shows from this brief, warm-up tour for the Permanent Waves album. This recording is actually a blend of two audience sources: one is distant and capturing a lot of echo while the other is much closer and able to draw the intense performance much better. All instruments are very clear...maybe not as well as Oslo '79 but definitely an enjoyable listen.


2112  16:24
A Passage To Bangkok  3:57
By-Tor And The Snow Dog  5:34
Xanadu  12:34
The Spirit Of Radio  5:24

The Trees  5:03
Cygnus X-1  10:14
Hemispheres  16:34
Closer To The Heart  3:32
Freewill  6:02
Working Man  3:35
Finding My Way  0:23
Anthem  1:41
Bastille Day  1:30
In the Mood  2:42
Drum Solo  6:07
La Villa Strangiato  10:30

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