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Permanent Waves Tour

Title: One Year Later And Another Hostage Released
Date: 3/10/80, Los Angeles, CA
Simple Man Productions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: B+

Description: This a fairly decent boot from the Permanent Waves tour. Nothing too special here as there are certainly better shows out there from this tour.


Disc 1:

2112 15:33
Freewill 5:47
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 5:44
Xanadu 12:57
The Spirit of Radio 5:13
Natural Science 8:35
A Passage to Bangkok 4:01
The Trees 5:05
Cygnus X-1 8:12

Disc 2:

Hemispheres 13:28
Hemispheres continued :43
Closer to the Heart 3:14
Beneath, Between and Behind 2:48
Jacob's Ladder 7:49
Working Man 3:30
Finding My Way :22
Anthem 1:39
Bastille Day 1:27
In the Mood 2:42
Drum Solo 6:30



Title: Timeless Wavelength PE
Date: 2/02/80, Fort Worth, TX
Digital Reproductions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: A-

Description: Without even hearing this show, you can tell from the tracklist that we're just about ready to leave what's known as the "classic" era of the band. The full show presents you with an excellent sampling of tunes from every album up to that point (something which would become more rare later on). For an audience show from 1980, the sound quality is excellent. The bass response is great, nice and full. There are a decent amount of highs. Could probably use some more clarity and depth, but you can definitely hear all the instruments and the separation is very good. If you're a fan of  this era, I highly suggest you pick this one up.


Disc One:

2112   15:07
Freewill  5:56
By-Tor and the Snow Dog  5:17
Xanadu  12:55
The Spirit of Radio  5:19
Natural Science  8:40
A Passage to Bangkok  3:58
The Trees  5:04

Disc Two:

Cygnus X-1  8:18
Hemispheres  14:17
Closer to the Heart  3:16
Beneath, Between and Behind (cut)  2:43
Jacob's Ladder  7:29
Working Man  3:28
Finding My Way  0:22
Anthem  1:39
Bastille Day  1:27
In The Mood  2:39
Drum Solo  6:19
La Villa Strangiato  9:44



Title: Generations Lost
Date: 6/15/80, Leeds, UK
Voodoo Records
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: B-

Description: I would only recommend this to the hardcore fan who needs everything, or maybe if you were there it would be nice. If you were there, the music playing in your head is probably clearer than in this bootleg. The sound here is pretty poor and not an enjoyable listen. The reason is because the band sounds distant and sound fluctuation gets annoying.


By-Tor And The Snow Dog
The Spirit Of Radio
Natural Science
A Passage To Bangkok

The Trees
Cygnus X-1
Closer To The Heart
Beneath, Between And Behind
Jacob's Ladder
Working Man
Finding My Way
Bastille Day
In The Mood
Drum Solo
La Villa Strangiato



Title: St. Louis '80 Remaster Edition
Date: 2/14/80, St. Louis, MO
Source: Pre-broadcast vinyl
Quality Rating: A+

Description: Just when you thought the boot "La Villa Strangiato" sounded great, here comes this gem. This is taken directly from the pre-broadcast vinyl, while "La Villa" may have been a generation or two down the line. The sound on this recording is very crisp and has a really nice, warm analog sound. This is a must have upgrade for any fan of the "La Villa" boot.. For more details on the show itself, please see below info for "La Villa Strangiato".


The Spirit of Radio
Natural Science
Beneath, Between and Behind
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Working Man / Anthem / Bastille Day / In The Mood
Drum Solo
La Villa Strangiato



Title: Something Old, Something New
Date: 9/30/80, Allentown, PA
Digital Reproductions
Source: Soundboard
Quality Rating: A-

Description: An excellent bootleg. This show is taken straight from the mixing board tape, so it sounds very bright and a bit "wilder" than most soundboards. As the show progresses the sound guy was making adjustments so some tracks have their own unique "blend". Some songs are a bit brighter than others, have more/less vocal effects etc. Most notably, "By-Tor" sounds a bit compressed...but definitely listenable. Also in some spots where this tape was "eaten" you'll find those sections replaced by a second generation recording which has better mixing...however that does not detract from overall feel. While it may sound like I'm complaining about it, I'm really not at all. As a matter of fact, this is an excellent bootleg. The treat here are pre-release versions of "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight". Each are played like you've never heard them before (and never will again!)...they obviously hadn't worked out all song structures yet because they play some parts different...and with different lyrics in some instances. These two songs are played with a laid back feel that makes for a very interesting listen.


2112   6:05
Freewill   6:21
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:31
Xanadu   12:50
Limelight   (mp3 sample, 506k)
The Trees   5:00
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:32

The Spirit of Radio   5:47
Closer to the Heart   3:33
Beneath, Between, Behind   2:57
Tom Sawyer   5:02
Jacobs Ladder   9:08
A Passage to Bangkok   4:10
Natural Science   6:31



Title: La Villa Strangiato
Date: 2/14/80, St. Louis
Source: FM Broadcast
Quality Rating: A+

Description: The sound is very clean, you can hear everyone fine...I just wish it was whole show (as is always the case). Whenever you get a great sounding show you always want it to go on a bit longer. However, this does have a rare live version of "Natural Science". The definitive version of this show is called "St. Louis '80 Remaster Edition" (see above)


The Spirit of Radio
Natural Science (mp3 sample, 483k)
Beneath, Between and Behind
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Working Man / Anthem / Bastille Day / In The Mood
Drum Solo
La Villa Strangiato

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