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Rare Movies/TV
Updated 11.16.07

All DVD titles below are believed to be out of print and not available for retail purchase.
Nothing below is for sale. For trading and mocking only.

Welcome to my listing of rare movies and television shows! In addition to music I do appreciate some things in the movie/television genre. One of my best friends, "Captain Cheese", is a real movie and TV fanatic. Along with my reviews below, you'll see some from the Capt. (none with Tennille). 


Recent stuff....

American Music Awards 1978 (1DVD, Los Angeles, CA TV bcast)
Star Wars Screen Test Outtakes
1979 Grammy Awards (1DVD)
1980 Grammy Awards (1DVD)
SNL  12/5/81 Tim Curry / Meatloaf (1DVD - contains racy skits never again aired)
SNL  1982 Robert Guillaume / Duran Duran (DVD)
SNL  1979 Rodney Dangerfield / The J. Geils Band (DVD)
SNL  1979 Steve Martin / 3-D, Paul & Linda McCartney (DVD)
SNL  1980 Charlene Tilton / Todd Rundgren, Prince (DVD - includes Charles Rocket's "F" bomb during the good nights)
SNL  1981 Johnny Cash / Elton John (SP dub copy)
Spinal Tap Unreleased Outtakes (1DVD)
Little Darlings
Under The Rainbow
Captain Midnight
Monday Night Football Sept 1970 (first episode with commercials! See Joe Namath play) (2DVD)
Monday Night Football  11/23/70
Super Bowl 9 (2DVD)
Super Bowl 11 (1 DVD)
Super Bowl 12 (2 DVD)
Super Bowl 30 (1DVD)
UVA (University of VA basketball games w/commercials, Ralph Samson, Michael Jordan, Len Bias)
Olivia Newton John TV Special, 1979 w/Andy Gibb, etc.
Killer Fish
The Car


Abbey  (1974)

  • William Girdler's ("Grizzly", "Day of the Animals" ) blaxploitation take on the "Exorcist" that was too close for Warner Bros so they had it pulled from theaters after a 2 week run in 1974. For the most part, I think the movie has enough elements to make this a fun angle on the demon possession genre. Carol Speed as Abby doses a good job. This film is great for fans of quickie rips of big films, blaxploitation, and 70's camp. It was only released once on DVD by a cheapie company in the late 90's. Watch for the disco possession scene at the end...priceless.  - review by Capt. Cheese.
    Quality Rating: B- (1DVD)


Americathon  (1979)

  • In this made for TV yawn-a-thon, John Ritter (God bless him) plays a U.S. President desperate to save his bankrupt country from foreclosure by Native Americans (who now own the Nike Corporation). So, what does he do? Drop bombs on them? No! How about raising money with a telethon! Turns out the only thing bankrupt here was the mind of the writer who came up with this nasal drip. I love John Ritter, but this is for the "shitter".
    Quality Rating: B (1DVD)


Bad Ronald  (1974)

  • In this TV movie from the mid-70's poor Ronald accidentally kills a young girl and winds up hiding from the cops in a secret room his mom made in the house. When his mom goes away for surgery and never returns he learns she passed away and the house is sold to new owners...with Ronald living within it's walls. A young Dabney Coleman stars. Overall, not a bad movie.
    Quality Rating: B- (1DVD)


The D*cline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years  (1988)

  • This is an out of print documentary, transferred from VHS, which takes a raw look at the heavy metal scene in the late 80's. Here you'll see many generations of metal heads from the godfathers (Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Lemmy, Joe Perry & Steven Tyler, Ozzy) to the new crop (Poison, Faster Pussycat, Vixen) to the ones who sadly haven't got a clue (Jaded Lady, Odin). Many balloon heads are paraded in front of your eyes one after another with stories and experiences about living the "heavy metal lifestyle". If nothing else, this movie shows why the metal scene wound up imploding just a few yeas later. It had become all "style" and no substance. I have to laugh at all these "tough guys" who dressed like fairies with their tight leather outfits and scarves, not to mention they think nothing of bragging about how much makeup and hairspray they apply for the ladies. When you do see performance footage here from any of these bands you'll want to throw yourself from a moving vehicle, it's that bad. Watch this movie and you'll see alot of flash, but no real talent...which pretty much summed up metal in the latter 80's. This movie is so outrageous it's definitely worth checking out, if only once.
    Quality Rating: A (1DVD)

Donnie And Marie Show  (Star Wars parody)  (9/23/77)

  • See "Star Wars" get anally intruded in this agonizing hour of 70's family entertainment. It's mind boggling that George Lucas gave the okay on this nut-laden bar of stool. Must be seen to be believed. Red Foxx plays Obi Wan, Kris Kristofferson plays Han Solo (piss poorly too), Paul Lynde portrays Grandma Tarkin while Dummie and Maureek play Luke and Leia. However, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C30PU and R2D2 are played by the actual characters. Still constipated? This will really finish you off: As an added bonus, this disc features the hour long "Holiday Christmas Special" from 1978. That's right, it's Christmas time once again in Wookieland. How many copies did you need?
    Quality Rating: B- (1DVD)


The Fantastic Four (Roger Corman Version)  (1994)

  • The studio that owned the rights to this movie in the early 90's was going to lose them if they didn't begin production on the film by a certain date. With a low budget ($1.5 million), Roger Corman was enlisted to produce this movie which was never intended for release. With the 2005 big-budget release, it's likely this version will surely never see the light of day. As for which one is better? In my opinion, neither are great. The 2005 version is pure over-the-top Hollywood with lots of money poured into special effects and thin on character development. Since the Corman version had a low budget, it focused more on dialogue (often hammy at times) and character development to keep things moving. I appreciated how this version disclosed why the heroes had their respective powers - Johnny Storm had a "fiery" temper so he had fire, Reed Richards was always stretching himself too thin on projects, which is why he became elastic, etc. The 2005 movie never even hinted at this which was odd. I didn't enjoy the 2005 movie at all, but I did find the Corman version more interesting, even with it's low budget and bootleg quality, since it had more story.
    Quality Rating: B- (1DVD)


Flash Gordon  (1980)

  • Queen provided nearly all the music you hear in this film and did a nice job too. I appreciate their work on this film more now than I did back in the day. Their musical arrangements throughout really compliment the scenery in what is an admirable piece of science fiction. This movie, which was meant to be a throwback to the 1930's Flash Gordon television serials, is campy fun, but not throwaway. The movie may have a basic plot but it looks and feels like a comic book. The addition of Max von Sydow as "Ming The Merciless" is what probably saves this movie overall. It's not too often you get a bad guy that comes across with this much authenticity. A new Flash Gordon movie is set for release in 2006 but don't be fooled, with all it's unique qualities, this one may be tough to beat. This is sourced from an out of print DVD. Quality is superb.
    Quality Rating: A+ (1DVD)


Hardly Working  (1980)

  • This 1980 movie was Jerry Lewis' last feature film and it's easy to see why. Most everything you ever loved about Jerry is gone here. The comedy seems labored and dated. Even back then I remember it being cornball. I'd rather sit through a marathon of his telethon's than watch this mind-numbing drivel. The best part of the movie is the beginning, where it opens with a montage of classic Jerry Lewis clips from past films. The second best part of the movie is when the credits roll at the end and you see some pretty funny bloopers and outtakes (which should have been left in). It's no surprise Lewis is making it a point to keep this turdball from ever being officially released.
    Quality Rating: B (1DVD)


Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park  (1978)  

  • This is a made for TV movie featuring Kiss that came out around Halloween 1978. Even with Kiss not in this movie as much as you'd think, it still wreaks.  Why? From what I've seen and heard about the making of this movie the band had their lines fed to them right before each take so the "acting" is horrendous and nobody in the band delivers their lines with any authenticity (and when they do speak, it's not much). Gene Simmons usually has an overdubbed tigers roar whenever he opens his mouth while Peter Criss' lines are completely overdubbed by another actor because he simply couldn't handle the shoot (due to drugs). Even Ace Frehley was replaced at one point by a black guy in white makeup during a fight scene because he wasn't available that day of the shoot. Overall, it's a mess. Kiss fans will eat this up and see it as a cult classic. To me it's like watching surgery on your own foot without anesthetic. This long out of print movie is transferred from laserdisc and also includes a bonus CBS promo clip.  Artwork
    Quality Rating: A (1DVD)


The Legend Of The Superheroes  (1979)

  • Just when you thought there was no cure for insomnia...try popping this in when you've counted enough sheep for the night. Here are both episodes that aired ("The Challenge" and "The Roast"), the latter being a superhero roast which even the villains attend. It has all the ham and cheese of the original Batman TV show so you can imagine how brain cells are jumping overboard for this one.
    Quality Rating: B (1DVD)


Linda Lovelace For President  (1975)

  • Cornball trash made to satirize Linda's sudden fame from "Deep Throat". The wafer thin plot consists of Linda being nominated for President and the wacky low jinx that ensue. You will see the likes of Mickey Dolenz (from The Monkeys) and Scatman Crothers, "The Shinning" slum their way through this drek and Linda does get naked from time to time. Overall it's fun if you like camp to the max. Very soft-core sex and an odd array. So rare I'm sweating. - review by Capt. Cheese.
    Quality Rating: C+ (1DVD)


Madonna: The Making Of Sex  (1991)  

  • In 1992 Madonna pushed the envelope further by releasing a book of erotic photos which aimed to express her creative, sexual side through numerous fantasy-filled scenarios. Photos included her nude with rapper Vanilla Ice, actress Isabella Rossellini, supermodel Naomi Campbell and anyone else willing to do it. I remember the book became very hard to find rather quickly and, even now, used copies are selling for close to $100 on auction sites. This disc contains the entire SEX book and you can "browse" it page by page with your remote. However, the most interesting part of this disc is the "documentary" which brings those photos to life. There's a good hour of video footage from the various shoots depicted in the book set to annoying music. Basically, Madonna has never been more nude than she is here, both in pictures and video.  Artwork
    Quality Rating: A-/A (1DVD)


Eddie Murphy Delirious  (1983)

  • The classic HBO Special from laserdisc. This version features the full show, containing extra footage not seen on the HBO Special or even included on the album of the same name. Some of the material here now seems a bit tired and dated, but in it's day, this was fresh and the stomach pains from excessive laughter couldn't be more welcome. A must for all true Eddie fans.
    Quality Rating: A (1DVD)


The Pee Wee Herman Show  (1983)

  • Culled from the classic HBO Special in 1983, Pee Wee's most adult oriented show. The late great Phil Hartman guest stars.
    Quality Rating: A- (1DVD)


The Six Million Dollar Man Pilot  (1973)

  • Filmed in part at Edwards Air Force Base, The Six Million Dollar Man was first telecast on March 7, 1973, where it performed admirably opposite a Bob Hope special; the series itself began on a monthly basis in October of 1973, then became a weekly in January of 1974. I found this to be a tightly scripted TV movie that follows the novel more closely than the series itself would a year later. This movie centers on how Steve became the man he is and on the emotions involved around having his body parts replaced with robotics. This has a darker tone than the show. This is the only version of the show with no Oscar Goldman. Loved every dollar of this movie. - review by Capt. Cheese.
    Quality Rating: B+ (1DVD)


Politically Incorrect Cartoons  (1930-1940)

  • Here you will find many cartoons that will never again make it to television because of their blatant, racist overtones. Cartoons here range from the old, black and white features to Bugs Bunny. In particular, black characters are portrayed as bumbling morons with big, oversized lips and southern drawls. Forget the episodes with Bugs Bunny...he has all kinds of fun at their expense.
    Quality Rating: B- (1DVD)


Star Wars Holiday Special  (1978)

  • This steaming pile aired only once as a Thanksgiving special on CBS. It's Christmas in Wookie-ville. Will Ham YoYo and Chewinbacca get home in time to see the family? Who cares, that's the least of your problems here. Believe me, watching this is akin to feeling yourself sinking in quicksand. The first part of the show is nothing but numbskull Wookies grunting at each other. To further your descent into a coma, there's dance numbers and even a cartoon sketch to make sure you never wake from this shit pile.
    Quality Rating: B-


Xanadu: Midnight Special/The Making Of Xanadu  (1980)

  • This disc compiles promotional features supporting the movie Xanadu. There's the "Xanadu Midnight Special" w/Wolfman Jack, a "Making Of" television special featuring interviews with Olivia, Jeff Lynn and Gene Kelly (this is his final movie appearance). Lastly, there's a video for "Suddenly", the duet between Olivia and Cliff Richard which has enough syrup to make a stack of pancakes jealous. There's also a very nice photo gallery here with loads of pictures set to music from the film. Fans of the film will enjoy.
    Quality Rating: B+/A (1DVD)


In Search Of...

Catastrophy. 1978 documentary about the greatest natural disasters of the 20th Century.
Clown House
Grammy Awards from the 70's, 80's
TV w/commercials from the 70s/80s
Incident At Channel Q




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