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Early Neil Peart Demo from 1970 Unearthed
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    New Rush board from Stockholm 2007
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    The Who Live from Shea Stadium 1982
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Genesis: "All The Help I Can Get"
"Welcome Back Geddy Lee"
    John Sebastian w/Geddy Lee, Rare interview
Interview w/ Donna Halper
Interview w/ Liberty DeVitto
Peart Goes Underground

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UPDATED: April, 2018
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for daily music rants! Currently not doing any trading unless you have something exceptional. Always looking for vintage TV w/commercials. Need shows? Maybe we can work something out. Contact me.

going underground

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RUSH - Sarstock
Festival, June 2003

Here is a newly restored version of this rare festival performance, check out the YouTube video description for more details.

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What is your favorite post-Mercury years Rush studio album? Counterparts

With Rush being "basically done", should Geddy and Alex form a new band with a different drummer? free polls


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A+ Soundboard: Release quality or very close. Superb.
Audience: Exceptional mix. Am I there?
DVD: Official release quality or very close.
A Soundboard: Excellent sound, but minor flaws.
Audience: Nice full sound, mix could be better.
DVD: Looks and sounds great. Minor flaws. 
A- Soundboard: Nice sound, but mix could be better.
Audience: Great sound, but mix not too sharp
DVD: 2 or 3 gens but overall great
B+ Soundboard: Very good but has flaws
Audience: Pretty good, but distant or losing depth.
DVD: Not bad, just shy of excellent
B Soundboard: Good, but very flat. High Gen.
Audience: Good, but a bit distant or high gen.
DVD: An okay picture and sound. Not great.
C Soundboard: Listenable only for historical reasons.
Audience: Listenable only for historical reasons.
DVD: Good for historical purposes but that's it.
D Soundboard: Am I listening to a murder?
Audience: Sounds like it was taped from a restroom
DVD: Turn your seat around and watch the wall

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