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Trading Resources

Below are many of the links I use for music news, bootleg art, cd/dvd blanks and more.

Updated 12.31.07

Rush Related

Rush Is A Band: Fast becoming the authority on anything Rush related including breaking news, links to articles, band interviews, tour information and much more. There's even a very active blog where fans comment endlessly. Kudos to Ed for a site well done.

The Digital Rush Experience: An excellent Rush trading site. All the information you need to know about all the Rush boots in existence featuring downloadable cover art, liner notes, tracklistings, reviews and a lot more. Bookmark this one now. A nice feature here is the DRE Newsgroup - a message board of Rush traders from all over the world. Many of them are willing and able to do blank trades for those just getting started or with nothing to trade.

Counterparts Message Board: A gathering of Rush fans with loads of news, gossip, drooling fans, etc.

alt.music.rush: Yes, there is a Rush newsgroup and it's chock full of the latest news, speculation, debate, trolls, buffoonery, good advice, interesting stories, spam and everything else you've come to expect from a newsgroup these days.

Rush Collector Resources: A great site for getting the skinny on all the Rush boots that are available for trade. Plus, you'll find links to other fansites dealing in Rush goods and memorabilia.

The Rush Webring: Get your Rush fansite listed so that others can find you quick and easy.

The Rush Bootleg Video Archive: Check out bootleg video from various Rush shows from throughout their career.

Blank Media

Supermediastore: Here is a great place to purchase blank DVDs or CDs in bulk. I stick with Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs and Fujifilm CD-R (made In Japan only). You can also get good deals on paper sleeves as well. Often you'll find deals that include free shipping. Highly recommended!

DigitalFAQ.com: Here is an excellent site with invaluable information about everything digital. From video capturing/editing/restoration to DVD burning/authoring and blank media guides, this is required reading.

Trading/Downloading shows

DIME: An excellent resource for downloading CD/DVD shows free of charge. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced traders, this site can be your friend. There are some rules to ensure this community stays active so be sure to read and understand them. One catch -  only 100,000 members are allowed at any given time. If you can't login the first time, keep trying as new accounts open daily.

Nargothebort's Deviant Subculture: A great place to download bootleg audio shows in lossy mp3 format.

alt.music.bootlegs: This newsgroup contains requests for CD/DVD trades as well as links to trader's lists. A good resource to check every so often.

CD-R Trading Bootleg Cover Art Links: An exhaustive collection of artwork links. Start here for sure.

HoJo Productions: Another site with DVD artwork.

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive: I didn't add this site for Rush trading, however, it's excellent for legally downloading shows from a wide variety of artists, some popular and some otherwise. A great find on the net if you're a live show enthusiast!


Matty & Tones Soundchaser Show: If I could do a video version of music news, it would be similar to this. A mix of animation with real music news and biting parody.

ICE Forums: You may have heard of ICE Magazine, a publication that kept it's readers on the leading edge of CD/DVD releases with in-depth reviews and they even had a page devoted to bootleg releases. Sadly, the magazine shut down and this website emerged in it's place. Here's a bulletin board that's supported by serious music fans. You'll find lots of interesting news about upcoming releases and more.

Pause & Play: Here's a good resource for keeping up with upcoming CD/DVD releases.


YouTube.com: Fast becoming a great source for browsing clips of live shows (among other things). I have included some merely as a reference on this website. However, you can uncover much more.

Wolfgang's Vault: When legendary promoter Bill Graham passed away, he left behind a serious collection of poster art, vintage t-shirts, concert photos, concert tickets and other rock music memorabilia. In addition, there's hours of concerts for you to stream in their exclusive "Concert Vault". Be sure to check it out for some great, rare live music.

Friends of Rushtrader.com

Atelemetry: Mike Pietrini is a professional sound engineer who has worked with Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen), Donnie Wahlberg, Greg Hawks (the Cars) and more. He's also a major Rush fan. His music project, Atelemetry, consists of edgy, melodic rock. Give it a listen!

Bobbysbrane.com: Bobby Standridge is one very talented man. Check out his website and you will see why. Be sure to check out the brilliant animated video he created for Rush's YYZ, which took him nearly two years to complete. As a matter of fact, Neil Peart loved it so much, he bought the rights and added it to his website (neilpeart.net.) In 2007, Bobby created the official video for Rush's "Malignant Narcissism" (also on neilpeart.net).




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