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Pre-Grace Under Pressure Tour

Title: Countdown - Platinum Edition
Date: 9/18/83
Digital Reproductions
Source: Audience
Quality Rating: A-

Description: I haven't had chance to really listen to this one yet...but from what I've heard it's an excellent audience recording. It has more dynamic range than "Signals From London", meaning more clarity and a bit more bottom end. All the instruments are clear...and what a show! You get teasers for the Grace Under Pressure album which makes it even more special. This has to be among the best Signals boots out there, if not the best. More details will come on this.


3 Stooges Intro  0:47
The Spirit of Radio  4:48
Tom Sawyer  5:21
Freewill  6:12
Digital Man  6:53
Kid Gloves  4:28
Subdivisions  5:45
Vital Signs  5:29
Red Sector A  5:45
Closer to the Heart  3:32
The Analog Kid  4:45
The Body Electric  5:10

Broon's Bane  1:41
The Trees  4:36
Red Barchetta  8:03
The Weapon  7:16
New World Man  4:15
Limelight  4:29
Countdown  6:11
2112  6:29
Xanadu  2:26
La Villa Strangiato  3:34
In the Mood  2:32
YYZ / Drum Solo  10:39

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